Take a few moments to check out this awesome installment of my favorite podcast, The Azure Podcast. This installment features our Director of Cloud Services, and my good buddy Jeff Nuckolls, sharing about the Internet of Things (IoT) and how he has positioned Aditi to handle this up and coming Cloud technology. IoT is all about the interconnection of intelligent machines transmitting massive amounts of data using various protocols into the Cloud. Once there, the data can be analyzed and converted into directives within a command-and-control relationship sending real-time commands back to the intelligent machines. In turn, these intelligent machines will modify their behavior and settings to compensate for factors identified from the data to optimize their efficiency or maximize safety. For example, a train traveling at high speeds with sensors up and down its frame can provide sensor data which in turn results in commands being sent back to modify its drag on the rails or its speed based upon incline, weather, and wind.

For a really interesting short (3-minute) very interesting video of what GE is doing in the world of intelligent machines and the IoT, check out GE Software: The Industrial Internet in the Real World..