I just released a new Pluralsight course “Microsoft Azure New Administration Features (March 2014)” on some of Azure’s new administration features which can be found at http://pluralsight.com/training/Courses/TableOfContents/microsoft-azure-administration-new-features. It covers new features from Azure Q4 2013 leading up to the BUILD release focused on advanced topics for the administration of Microsoft Azure. Topics are primarily focused around Azure IaaS but overlap at times into the Azure PaaS space.

Azure Recovery Services
Backup Vault – Backup on premises data to Azure storage
Hyper-V Backup Recovery Manager – to back up and manage VMs

Azure Scheduler
Developers give IT Ops jobs the write and IT Ops schedules and runs them

Azure Traffic Manager
Deploying PaaS Cloud Services to ATM
Deploying IaaS VMs to ATM

Azure Management Services
Billing and Service Alerts
Auto-Scaling of Azure IaaS VMs
Endpoint monitoring
Operation logs

Azure BizTalk Services
B2B messaging and configure an Azure BizTalk Services Deployment

Azure HDInsight
IT Ops takes the applications created by the developers and configuring it to run and work correctly by deploying to an HD cluster